Perfecting your sales pitch in five easy steps

The answer to becoming a natural sales person is quite simple. You need to practice. A lot.And there is no better place to work on getting your sales pitch just right than at a networking event. What if you had a room full of potential customers that wanted what you offered and were willing to listen to you for 6o seconds without any interruptions.
You’d take it right? Your chance to perfect your pitch. So what is the perfect pitch and how do you get it just so.

No #1: Give it a cracking opening line.

When you introduce yourself try not to say ‘hello I’m Emma (your name), I’m in marketing (your area of expertise)’. Then have to stand there and watch everyone stifle a big yawn.

Try ‘I’m Emma and I help my clients generate new leads for their business’. More interesting and memorable? Yes. It also helps spark further conversation.

No #2: Be specific

Don’t dredge up an entire list of everything you do each day. Try one thing that is going to resonate with your audience. Such as “I design and build ecommerce websites” or “I take photographs of cute little babies”. This helps again to be more memorable and target a specific need in your audience.

No #3: Tell a story

If you can tell a story about one of your customers. Explain the problem they had and how you helped resolve it. Win win. Your audience can relate to your customer and then know exactly how you can help them resolve their business issue as well.

No #4: Avoid jargon or ‘techy’ speak

The best way to get your audience to switch off is to talk in detail about the technical aspects of your product or service. Avoid major detail at all costs. That’s for the next conversation when you’ve already got them hooked and they have specifically asked about the nitty gritty of what you do.

No #5: End on an action

If you want your audience to do something such as sign up to an event, buy a book or use a discount code for your product, then tell them. Be clear exactly what it is you want them to do and what they will get in return.

So try these simple techniques out and see how you get on!

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