Love Selling LIVE

Can you imagine having a simple but mind-blowing plan that can take you and your business to the next level?

Then book now for our high intensity Love Selling LIVE experience that will take you from nervous or unsure sales person to a confident business ninja with all the tools you need to grow your sales.

Join Audrey Chapman and Emma Broughton Turner for a full day of sales and marketing expertise to help develop and grow a business you love, get more leads, make more sales and gain happy customers.

Learn how to:

❤️ Radically improve your selling success while keeping your integrity intact
❤️ Grow your sales, more easily and without any pressure on you or your prospects
❤️ Have more delighted clients who love buying from you, again and again
❤️ Discover why focusing on ‘closing’ sales can stunt your sales growth
❤️ Create great leads and wonderful buying experiences through a focus on ‘trust’ and ‘connection’
❤️ Overcome fear, embarrassment and any awkwardness when asking for the sale or (shock horror!) payment
❤️ Engage your clients in a structured and straightforward sales process

So whether the leads and sales are slowly coming in or you've yet to catch your first big fish spend the day with us to discover how to sell without selling out. 


Next date TBC


Central London

How much?

Standard tickets are £350.00 per person

Audrey and Emma have managed to take the complexity out of selling – breaking it down into L.O.V.E.! Having read Audrey’s book “LOVE Selling” when it was launched last year, I was intrigued to hear how the team were going to deliver the key messages from the book in a one day workshop …. And could they add more ? Yes, they did both - it was fun, entertaining and the workshop dynamic allowed for interaction with like-minded business people. Everyone in business needs to meet this partnership and hear what they have to say .… they add value!
Deborah MorrisArden BMW
The Love Selling Event has completely transformed my view and feelings about sales. My biggest takeaway was to always be open and learning that selling can be very natural and completely in alignment with your beliefs and values. Both Audrey and Emma have so much valuable information to share and made me realised that when you have something fabulous to share it is necessary that you make that offer to your potential clients.
Alison NixonHealth & Wellbeing Coach
I can assure anybody who is considering attending one of these events to book up immediately as you will not be disappointed. The training was delivered with energy and enthusiasm in a simple and easy to understand manner. The sales training was relevant to today's sales world, not hard selling but conversational selling by listening to your customers requirements and focusing on their needs. It's all about the opening, as you can't close a door which you haven't opened. The marketing session I found really enjoyable and have taken away numerous ideas and have feed them back to my MD. I have suggested puts all of the sales team through this course, as this would help them improve their skill set, creating greater returns for both the company and themselves as individuals.
Richard YoungEnergy Care Group
I thoroughly enjoyed the Love Selling Live event on the 5th July with Audrey and Emma. I was one of those people who was terrified of being perceived as giving the hard sell but because my business revolves around promoting & selling products, this event opened my eyes to learn that it wasn't about hard selling at all - but that it was about offering solutions to clients by listening to their needs and then building genuine, long lasting relationships with them with authenticity and integrity. And that was just the start of that relationship. I now know that with that at the heart of everything I do, I will be able to build a successful and sustainable business for years to come with my amazing clients by my side. Audrey was also hilarious & that also made me realise that we needn't take ourselves so seriously either! Thank you Audrey and Emma for a fantastic day.
Sam HogwoodArbonne