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Four first steps to creating a lead generation plan that really works

It is easy to leave lead generation and marketing on the to-do pile when the sales are rolling in, or run out of time and give it a half hearted attempt, then get huffy when you don’t get the revenue you hoped for. We’ve all been there.

Whether you are spending money on adverts or spending your time creating content and posting on social media it all adds up and can impact your business drastically.

With this in mind I want you to be honest with yourself and decide if you really do have a WRITTEN lead generation plan in place or is it just something you’ll finally get round to doing.

If this is the case, then here are four easy steps to creating a lead generation plan that will work for you.

1. Empty your brain. I love a good old planning session. I get to the end feeling energised and ready to take on the world, well my little corner of it anyway. And so should you. Grab a piece of paper and a friend or colleague and start a spider chart (an oldy but a goody) scribbling down all the things you could do to generate leads from DIY tutorials on your website, LinkedIn Ads, to attending a networking event or emailing existing customers with a new offer. At this stage the more ideas the better, even if some of them seem a bit nuts. A gem could be lurking in the dark recesses of your mind.

2. Get it down on paper. Actually getting it done is always the big issue. Life, client meetings or mini fires that need to be put out get in the way. I understand.  However without taking your scribbles from your planning session and putting them into a timely and diarised plan you’ll never achieve what you set out to do. Despite what Audrey says, an excel spreadsheet is not beyond anyone. I promise. If you really must, use a page-per-day diary to make sure your plan is in place and you have set aside the time to deliver accordingly.

3. Hire in some help. If you really can’t work out Facebook ads, don’t have the time to set a social media schedule in place or are not sure what the hell a lead page is, hire in some help to get you started. Getting someone to launch you off the starting blocks will make you more accountable and determined to succeed. Plus then when you’re ready you can take over the reins yourself with key tools that are bespoke, and set up to work, with your business.

4. Monitor and Review Don’t make the mistake in thinking that just delivering all this is enough. Unless you put careful monitoring in place and record the activity outcomes you’ll be back to square one the following year, without a clue what actually brought you in the sales in the first place. Spend some time working out how you can ensure each sale has a marketing activity recorded against it.

If you’re not sure how to start creating your lead generation plan then a marketing booster session may well be just the thing you need. Read my blog post to give you four compelling reasons why you should book one today.

Happy Planning

Em ❤️