Five easy ways to grow your email marketing list

Everyone is in the same boat. When it comes to pulling together and growing your email marketing list it often feels like you’re paddling against the tide. There is no quick fix, but like most things in marketing and sales, it all becomes much easier if you just get going. So grab that oar and let’s go!

  1. Say hello, again.
    Most businesses, however small, will keep track of all their customer transactions and data so this database is a good place to start. It is deemed best practise within the direct marketing industry to ask customers to opt-in to your emails rather than opt-out, but if you have made a transaction with a customer using their data then I would say an initial marketing email is reasonable. Just make sure when you send this email you always make it very clear how to opt-out of future marketing emails. If you really want to get clever use the exercise to ask customers what services or products they are most interested in. This starts to segment your customer database right at the very beginning and gives your customers more targeted emails.
  2. Don’t leave me this way
    If someone has visited your website then they have made time to find you and are probably interested in the services or product you provide. Don’t let potential customers leave your website without asking them to join your mailing list. Always put a sign up form on your website – it doesn’t have to be complicated – simply ask for a name and email address as a form in your footer or side panel. For extra brownie points think about adding a pop-up email sign up box, so when visitors actively click away from your website it reminds them to leave their details before they go.
  3. What’s in it for me?
    If you are feeling really swish then use Lead Pages and offer a downloadable freebie to get people to sign up. Not only will more people sign up you’ll also be giving them a taste of what your business does. We have one, so check it out (10 ways to get better sales results) for inspiration.
  4. Win Over Your Contacts
    To reach a different audience try running a competition with a magazine or blog, making sure you can collect the entry data as part of the deal. Not only do reach a new audience you also get the chance for a bit of branding and to promote your products. An extra bonus is the entry data – a lovely list of people interested in what you offer. Once you get the list send a discount or offer code to those entries as a thank you. It’s a nice way to say hello and hopefully get more customers quickly.
  5. Be Social
    Don’t forget that your social media followers are already a captive audience. Encourage them to sign up for your mailing list by promoting an offer or prize that they will hopefully share with their friends. Blog posts will almost certainly bring more traffic to your website so make sure you blog on a regular basis. Make sure your readers are aware that they will be the first to know about any special offers or incentives you have.

Do you have any tips on building your email marketing list. If you do I’d love to hear.