new ideas for 2018

Five ways to breathe new life into your business

I love a new challenge. If I’ve got five minutes to spare I’ll spend it hatching a plan which involves a cycling weekend away with a group of mates, signing up for a mud run or booking a course to learn how to groom a dog (that one didn’t go so well. Who knew dogs won’t stand still…).

Finding new challenges is how we add variety. Make things better. Improve. Learn. 

It’s the same for business. No business can survive without adapting and finding new ways of promoting your products or services. Sure, the old things may still work but there’s always a possibility of finding the spark you need to generate more leads and income.

So with this in mind I’ve got five new ideas that could well just be the ‘next thing’ you’re looking for.

  1. Facebook LIVES have been around for yonkers but still many business owners aren’t using them to full effect. Launching a new product? LIVES are perfect to explain how fantastic your product is by actually showing customers how to use it and how it can benefit them. Best of all you really don’t need any rehearsal or a script– LIVES are meant to be natural so if you stumble over a few words no-one is going to hold it against you.
  2. DIY Video Series
    Take your Facebook Lives one step further and record a video series. Short videos with helpful hints and tips are perfect to give your customers a feel of what you do and can offer.If you keep your videos under two minutes they’ll also be suitable for LinkedIn and won’t take an absolute age to upload either.Check out our latest video series #minimarketingtips to see what we mean.
  3. Master Instagram Stories
    Over 200 million people use Instagram Stories each month so if you’re looking to build a bigger following on Instagram concentrate your focus there. Stories allows you to create and share as much content as you want throughout the day only for it disappear after 24 hours from your profile grid and feed. This gives you the chance to let your followers share in an event causing serious FOMO but not have their feed flooded with your goings on. Click here to learn more about Stories.
  4. Use Dedicated Landing Pages  
    You’ve got a fabulous new service, have tested the market and launched your gorgeous new ad. Website traffic is steadily increasing but the sales aren’t converting.Sending customers directly to your website homepage is a sure-fire way to kill any customer momentum you’ve built up from your launch ads or social media posts.Even the most well-designed homepage will struggle to give customers the product info they were searching for in one click. Leaving them to start navigating your site to find the deal they were after. So give Landing Pages a try to help with those all-important conversions.  Mailchimp has a free landing page builder or you could try Lead Pages for increased ease of use and additional options. Paid for options start at around £35 per month.
  5. Run a Competition
    Nothing gets customers more involved than giving them the chance to be part of your business. Try to be more inventive than a prize draw by offering customers the chance to win a prize plus create something unique.What about asking them to design your next t-shirt slogan, name a new pizza or provide the winning flapjack recipe for your café. Competitions like this are totally shareable and will give you endless material for social media. From the start of the competition right through to the launch of the resulting product the momentum will continue to build and grow.

See with all these new ideas how could you possibly not be up for a challenge?

Good luck,

Em ❤️