Five things you must do before Christmas to improve your sales for 2018

Christmas takes planning right?

Father Christmas doesn’t just get up on Christmas Eve dust off his sleigh and hope for the best. Nope. The main man has everything in hand well before the big day. So what about you? Instead are you feeling more like a worn out fairy that’s just about to drop off the tree? Fear not, read on and be ready to conquer 2018!

1. Get some planning help

Taking some time out before Christmas might seem counter-productive but even half a day spent planning your sales targets, first quarter marketing content plans and early season sale campaigns will mean you can spend Christmas relaxing knowing you’re well ahead of the game.

I love Lucy Hall’s Social Media Planner for getting your social media plan looking as bright as Rudolph’s nose. Or if you need more accountability try Janet Murray’s PR planner with the optional extra to join her Media Planning group which keeps you on track throughout the year.

Or you could even book one of our hourly booster sessions which is dedicated totally to you and your business and will get your planning started in the best way possible.


2. Give before you receive

Your Nan would normally bang on about this when you were busy unwrapping your pressies, but giving before receiving is a lesson all sales people need to learn.

When we give our customers our love and attention it comes right back at us – hopefully with a large order.

So if you can’t possibly give all your customers a present under the tree I would highly recommend you send your main customers a Seasons Greetings card, or even make a phone call to wish them a Merry Christmas if you fancy the personal touch. Little things go a long way.


3. Get yourself to a Christmas Party

Networking during December is easy peasy. Everyone is in high spirits, normally fueled by dubious cocktail mixes, and conversation flows easily about who is trying to avoid cooking Christmas dinner this year.

It’s the perfect time to try new groups. Just remember to invite one of your favourite customers along so they can ‘sell’ your wonderful product or service to your fellow networkers without you having to say a word. Ooh the power of a Christmas recommendation….


4. Read and Review

Kids ask endless questions about Father Christmas. But how many questions do your customers ask?

Look back over your emails from the last 12 months. What questions have your customers asked you?

Write them all down.

Armed with this information think about how effectively your website copy or sales emails answer these questions.

If a new customer leaves your website because they are unsure or need to double check something, chances are you might have lost them. Or if your emails aren’t giving you a good click through rate your sales copy might not be up to the job.

Read, review and get ready to re-write where needed!

Or if you’re pushed for time and a rewrite is out of the question how about a simple FAQ page?

See if you can find a friendly office Elf to help you.


5. Get ready to learn.

If you’re feeling a bit Scrooge like and believe there’s no way out of your sales doldrums then do yourself a favour and sign up for our ‘LOVE SELLING; 12 steps to sales success’ online course. You’ll learn how to;

  • Radically improve your selling success while keeping your integrity intact
  • Grow your sales more easily and without pressure on you or your customer
  • Discover why focusing on ‘closing’ sales can stunt your sales growth
  • LOVE selling; either for the first time or all over again

 There’s an offer available until Thursday 7th December at 10pm to get the course for just £97 (£100 off the usual price). What a perfect present to put in your stocking!

Sign up here now.


Enjoy the festive season!