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Anniversary Offer: ‘Love Selling: 12 steps to sales success’

Writing a book that becomes a bestseller is a HUGE thing. Let no author tell you any different.

This time last year reaching the No#1 spot on Amazon gave me that ‘yippee’ point on what had been a ‘hang on tight and scream OMG’ journey. But little did I know that my journey was just beginning, as just a few weeks later I launched our online course and the Love Selling Academy with Emma.

I know how important selling can be. Well without it I wouldn’t have had a bestseller!

Now I want you to learn how much LOVE SELLING can increase your revenue, grow your business and in turn change your life. Just like it has mine.

So to celebrate our one year anniversary I’d like to give you folk a little something back. Simply join my online programme, ‘LOVE SELLING: 12 steps to sales success’ by 10pm on Thursday 7th December and you’ll get it for just £97 (a whopping £100 off the usual price)! 

My heart, soul and best sales stuff has gone into the LOVE SELLING online course, which is crammed with the exact same stuff that will also make sales happen for you. Best of all you can work through the course at your own pace, stopping to check along the way that you’ve understood and are clear what you need to do to achieve your sales goals.

I know signing up for things can be a big decision and you’ve got to be sure that it’s for you. So if you have any fears or worries then quickly drop me an email here and I’ll gladly answer any questions for you.

So, what does the programme cover?

Through 12 easy to follow lessons, I will personally guide you through each step making sure you learn my sales success tools as we go. I’ll reveal how it is possible for you to create profitable and sustainable sales results without having to sell out.

So do you want to;
• Radically improve your selling success while keeping your integrity intact?
• Grow your sales more easily and without pressure on you or your customer?
• Discover why focusing on ‘closing’ sales can stunt your sales growth?
• Learn to LOVE selling; either for the first time or all over again?

If the answer is yes then join me now!

To claim your discount remember to simply use the coupon code anniversary at the checkout.

Sign up now and make 2018 your No#1 for sales as well!

Audrey ❤️

P.S. Remember this offer only lasts until Thursday 7th December at 10pm!

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