All our customers will tell you the same. We really understand how you feel and know what makes you and your business tick.

Our combined experiences means we’ve overcome many business obstacles and played our part in fabulous successes, from which we want you to learn, replicate and build on.

We’ve helped many customers with the same fear of selling, the same frustrations at wasting marketing budgets and the same dreams and business aspirations as you.

Join us and learn how to harness the power of ‘open’ selling and understand the key tools you need to create a time-focused marketing plan, all delivered in a fresh and fun way that works for you.


From the shop floor to the boardroom, Audrey has had many years of sales success and taught others the same, earning the reputation for being one of those enviable over-achievers successfully delivering change for businesses at all levels. Working with start-ups through to plc’s her success is down to her ability to create sales openness and a razor-sharp system to get clarity about how sales should serve both business and their customers.

Inspirational and innovative, Audrey specialises in helping others achieve sales success in a fun, relaxed and stress-free environment. The key she believes to creating motivated, engaged and happy sales people. Students and coaching clients flourish under her guidance whilst corporate companies enjoy immediate success from the bespoke programs that are designed, managed and delivered for them.


If Audrey ever needs any marketing help to get sales and marketing teams back on track then its Emma who she calls.

Over the years, Emma has worked in marketing, PR and events at many different levels. From organising large conferences and product launches to gaining a wealth of experience in creating, delivering and implementing marketing plans she has a formula that works. Dealing with budgets ranging from £4,000 to £4million she knows that every penny counts.

These days she focuses her attention on helping business owners and corporate clients devise and deliver marketing plans to underpin all their business dreams. Her expertise saves businesses time, money and lots of unnecessary nail biting – that’s why she loves the difference she can make.