No Stress Sales

A wimps six-point guide to making sales calls

If you like to back out at the first opportunity when making sales calls then this quick-fire guide will help you get the job done with less stress.

1. Get ready to listen 

Listening sounds like it should be a cinch but you’ll be surprised how many sales people don’t do this at all. You’ve all answered the phone to hear someone launch into ‘robot’ mode and gabble on about what service/product they are offering. You can’t wait to get them off the phone, right?

Instead start the conversation by actually listening. Have a killer opening question and listen carefully to the answer rather than thinking ahead about how you can ‘sell, sell, sell’.  The killer question will depend on your relationship with the customer but once you know how, it’s really easy to think of one. Find out more about the ‘killer question’ in our Facebook group.

2. Be helpful

Sales is about solving problems. If you can help your customer find a solution to a particular issue then you’re almost there. Being helpful gives you a warm fuzzy feeling and that’s what it does for your customer too. Even if the solution to their problem doesn’t result in a sale for you this time, you can bet they’ll be back to you as soon as it will. Be in it for the long haul.

3. Be prepared to do it again

You’ve all heard the story of the actor who failed the first thirty auditions then landed the lead in a Hollywood blockbuster or the manuscript that got turned down by numerous publishers but yet still became a number one best-seller.

So, I hate to be the one to break it to you but one call won’t cut it. Research suggests that customers won’t buy on the first, third or even fifth attempt. Most purchases will actually happen somewhere between the seventh and tenth call. Remember what I said about being in it for the long haul. This is the part of sales where wimps give up and successful sales people get the golden ticket.

Use a diary to mark in a follow up call for your customer at the appropriate time and then DO IT.

4. Practise Makes Perfect

Everyone has the ability to be a great sales person. It’s not rocket science so if you feel you lack the skills then learn the basics and get going. To start with you’ll likely feel awkward so jot out the key selling points of your product/service to refer back to if you get stuck or if your customer asks you questions. But remember it is a conversation so just treat it like any other chat.

The great thing about sales skills is that with practise they become second nature so you’ll be selling without even knowing it, and best of all, neither will your customer. Which means less stress and more sales for you.

5. Have a follow up

It’s easy to fix in your mind that a sales call is all about you. Actually, it’s about your customer. Remember you are there to help and serve. If you can’t solve their problem right there and then make sure you arrange a follow up. Whether this is emailing further details, sending a sample or simply arranging another call when it might be a better time for them to consider your product/service.

The best thing about a follow up is it gives you another opportunity to contact your customer. They’ve given you permission to contact them again so next time you call you can simply say ‘I’ve just giving you a quick call like I promised’. What a perfect way to start a sales conversation.

6. Get a buddy

If you think you might struggle to commit to making your calls then get a buddy. Having someone to be accountable to is a great way to make sure you don’t wimp out!

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