Sales Training

8 reasons why sales coaching will work for you

It seems that there is so much information out there about sales and how to get outstanding results, so why then are most people stressed and still struggling to get the sales they want?

It’s a common situation and one that we come across on a regular basis. You have a great product or service yet you’re not making the money you want and you’re unsure why customers aren’t buying from you.

You’ve read lots of blog posts, downloaded free toolkits and even attended some seminars but you feel like you’re missing something that will really set your sales on fire.

Whether you have some sales skills already but need to be more confident in how you use them or are struggling with the basics and therefore feel like you’re leaving money on the table, coaching can make all the difference.

Here’s why:

1. It’s personal.

Our coaching programme is designed to give you the opportunity to discover your own personal sales style and use it to your advantage. After all, people always “buy people” first and the product second. You’ve got a cracking personality, so make sure you use it. No robots here.

2. Get focussed.

One small step for sales. One giant leap for you. Throughout the programme you’ll work on a customised plan that will help you sell your products/services with greater clarity and more focus so you’ll achieve more in a shorter space of time. I’ll avoid saying to infinity and beyond here.

3. Stop Worrying

Coaching will help give you peace of mind that you’re doing the right things to get the best results. Only by being confident in your approach will ensure you get the outcome you want. Plus no more anxious Monday morning feeling. Gone forever.

4. Sharing Experiences

Who wants to go through life’s troubles alone? By working within a supportive group you can share experiences of what went right, and more importantly, what went wrong. Only by understanding past mistakes (and even better, someone else’s) can we break out of old habits and learn fantastic new things.

5. Designed for real life

Theory is one thing. Actual real-life experience is totally another. When you’re trying to turn lessons from a blog post or a free download into everyday business life you are always going to struggle as one size doesn’t fit all. Here you’ll be able to use all the methods you learn in real life situations.

6. Set Proper Targets

Here’s a biggie. If you’re in a sales team it’s likely you have revenue targets set for you. If you run your own business, or happen to have an extremely understanding boss, it can often be left to the ‘shall we see what we make’ method. Whilst you might think this sounds great actually it is definitely more stressful and a lot less productive. On the programme you’ll learn how to set targets and stick to them without all the worry.

7. Accountability

See above. Without accountability you might as well not bother to set any targets. Group coaching will rely on you doing what you said you will. Sound scary? Not at all. If you don’t manage it there’ll be a good reason and one you can share with the group. Someone else will no doubt have encountered the same issue and we can solve it together.  Or quite simply you might be too embarrassed not to turn up without doing your homework. Either way you’ll have a much better chance of actually reaching your goals.

8. Your customers will love you

Learning how to serve your customers well will ultimately give you the edge over anyone else. Who doesn’t want to be made to feel special and get the best possible service? Learning a few key skills will unlock the secret to making your customers want to buy from you again and again.

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